épater is an attitude,
an energy against
formal aesthetic canon

a citizen empowerment
to revalue
personal expression
create the community,
share your knowledge,
extend the limits



is a multidisciplinary creative studio focused on the creation of scenes, from the visual to the performative.
our leitmotiv is play --> manufacture --> professionalize  
but, above all, exchange is the essence of the game.

all this language is translated into the field of design, from posters and interior design, through to clothing, photography, branding...  
this is how a plural aesthetic is born; it’s the result of different lifestyles that share cultural references, political rethinking, culinary philosophy, material curation, civic ethics, fun, and enthusiasm, among other concerns.  

épater's plural aesthetic seeks to create a personal expression through an individual approach, far from conventional canons, and shares itself with the community, promoting the exchange and flow of ideas.  

everything is an act of contribution, inspiration, and connectivity
épater is 4 the children.